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The Best Exercises to Target the Gluteus Medius

The glutes, or the booty, is the largest muscle group. Your behind comprises three glute muscles, one of which is your gluteus medius.

An attractive derair is a plus, particularly for women; however, a strong behind improves your body’s overall health. The glutes are also incredibly powerful and their role is to facilitate the movement of your thighs and hips.

Unfortunately, most people forget that they should do all the heavy lifting using the glutes rather than the back muscles. This often leads to back injuries. You should engage the glutes when lifting heavy stuff and not the spine.

Strengthening your glutes requires you to be in good form and a bit of concentration. Engage your glutes using the following exercises.

Weighted deadlift

Performing a weighted deadlift requires you to stand straight up with the feet parallel and about a shoulder width from each other. If you are comfortable in that position, try holding lightweight dumbbells. 

Keep the spine straight and try to gaze forward. At this point, both shoulders should be held down and back.

Squeeze your glutes while you fold your hips. Bend the knees such that the seat reaches all the way past the heels. Do not be tempted to round the spine in an attempt to give in to your weight.

Let your belly and the glutes control your ascent and descent. You can add weight slowly as your strength builds up.

Hip extension

Begin with you on your hands and knees. Your hands and knees should directly under the hips shoulders respectively.

Draw your belly in and hold it there as you push the shoulders down and back. Also, keep your spine straight. Find a lightweight dumbbell and place it behind your left knee.

With the help of you left glutes, lift up the leg that is supporting the dumbbell. Flex the foot then lift your left leg up farther above your hips. Ensure you maintain balance. You can do so by distributing weight over the hands and knees. Repeat this activity ten times and then switch to the other leg. Perform at least two sets.

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Lunges are great for people looking to tone their glutes and legs. Pulling a lunge is very tricky. So, before you even think about adding weights to your workout, ensure you master the nuances of lunging.

Begin by setting the feet on the floor parallel to each other. One of your feet should be about 2 ft. ahead of the other. Also, square the hips and orient them in the direction you wish to lunge.

Ensure your shin is vertical and positioned right above the ankle. Bend your legs so that almost half of your body shifts closer to the floor while keeping the torso positioned upright. Try to resist the need to power your body using your legs or torso. Make slow movements, as they will help you build stamina. Perform at least ten lunges and be sure to alternate sides.


This workout is common in almost every gluten exercise you can think of. It makes use of your legs, arms, and core. It provides the back with a lot of extensions.

Start working your back with both arms kept straight on your side. Also, bend the knees. The space between the legs should be one fist-width.

Peel your spine off your mat. Begin with the tailbone, then lift the hips to the point most of the weight is held by the shoulders.

Start alternating your leg lifts. Perform four on each foot. Lower the body as you settle back into the bridge. Repeat this activity at least six times.

Weighted squats

This is a booty baster move. In addition, it is very dynamic and can help you burn body fat.

To perform a weighted squat, place your legs a shoulder length apart. Place a dumbbell at the middle of the torso, with both elbows extending outwards. Keep the shoulders held down and the chest held upright.

As you slowly descend, reach out with the knees. Allow the seat to shift back a little as you flex the hips like someone about to take a seat. Begin with three steps, and slowly increase the number to ten. You can also add a little more weight as things become easier.

Final Word

 Begin slowly, particularly if you are performing an exercise for the first time. Allow the body to build endurance and core strength before you add weight. Include core and upper body exercises in your workout routine. Most importantly, find time to rest, stretch and eat a proper diet.