Best UK Olympic Steroids for Drying

Body drying is currently one of the most popular and relevant types of courses. Many people want to have beautiful and powerful muscles, others want to gain weight. And those who want to “dry out” are trying to do everything possible to make as much fat from their tissues somewhere disappear without a trace.

But it’s not that simple. Before you “declare” a course for drying, you need to understand the basic mechanisms of its action. Thus, muscle drying is the process of burning fat, which is under the skin to improve the topography of the muscles. This can be done if you eat right, train regularly and take the appropriate drugs. And with this last point, as a rule, the biggest number of questions arise.

The length of this process depends on a number of factors. The only rule is to give up the desire to get everything at once. You must not only get rid of excess fat, but also maintain a good shape of your body buy Anadrol in UK domesticaly.

Before you decide to choose a drying course, you need to know that all such courses are different, say, by gender. In other words, what is suitable for men, is not acceptable for women – due to the characteristics of each sex.

“Classic” for drying men’s bodies…

In order for a man to achieve the relief and muscle drawing, experts recommend taking winstrol or anavar. They do not have much influence on muscle mass (volume – in particular), but help to quickly get rid of excess fat.

Proviron, primoblanc, testosterone, trenbolone and other remedies will also be a good option. Let us talk about some of them in more detail.

A list of anabolic steroids for male drying:

Anavar. Synonyms: Oxandrolon, Lipidex, Lonavar, Anatrophyll, Vasorome. Directions: three times a day, 20 mg in the morning, 10 mg in the afternoon and 10 mg in the evening. Take no later than 18.00. It is not recommended to take steroids in the next 3 months.

Winstrol (Stanozolol). It is recommended to administer injections. Dose – 50 mg per day

Winstrol’s on the pill. To eat hungry, 2 to 3 times a day. Support the liver with hepatoprotectors.

Drying steroid courses: Talk about UK women.

British female drying cycle is fundamentally different from male. And that’s why:

For the vast majority of the beautiful half of humanity, getting rid of fat under the skin is directly related to the regulation of metabolism. Large amounts of estradiol and alpha-2 receptors will prevent the woman from “drying out”;

When dry, women risk losing what’s beautiful: their breasts. After all, the loss of mammary glands in their volume is the first thing a girl faces in such situations;

If a woman hasn’t been practicing for a long time, drying is meaningless to her. Before the course it is necessary to bring your body into some order;

If a woman has already become a mother, drying will be much easier, because her hormonal background has changed.

And here’s actually a classic scheme for female drying:

Blocking estrogen receptors by taking one of the drugs:

Tamoxifen – from 20 to 40 mg per day, Toremifen – from 30 to 40 mg per day, Clomifen – from 50 to 100 mg per day.

It is necessary to increase the amount of testosterone in the body and reduce estradiol levels. This can be done with help:

Metenolone enanthate. From 100 to 200 mg in 7 days. Put it on once a week.

Oxandrolon. 20 to 40 mg per day, split the reception into 2 parts.

Turinabol. From 20 to 30 mg per day, divided into 2 sessions.

Reception of fat burners. At choice, with a doctor’s consultation: ECA, metformin, somatropin.

An important rule in any course of drying – is to consult with a specialist and do not make any independent decisions. It is also necessary to observe your own body, which as no one else knows what it needs.

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