Having the Best Dish at the Potluck Party

Have you ever contemplated long and hard about trying to come up with the best dish to bring at the potluck that is being hosted at your family or friends home? Many people spend a lot of time thinking about what the tastiest choice is to bring. There are so many different potluck foods to bring, which makes it more difficult. In addition, you still have to choose from meat dishes, vegetable dishes, baked goods, desserts, etc. How do you narrow down what kind of dish to bring and not only that, but what is the best dish you can bring to top everyone else’s dish? Another important factor is whether there are vegetarians or meat eaters in the crowd. You have to attempt to be sensitive to the needs of others at the party. According to Food Revolution Network, in the last three years there has been such a significant amount of people claiming to be vegans; as high as a six hundred percent increase. In order to come up with the best dish at the potluck party, you have to know your crowd, have a great sense of taste, and develop something original. 

Getting to know your crowd when trying to come up with the best dish at the party can mean a lot of things. For starters, you have to know how many people is going to be present and who exactly will be attending. Now, you don’t have to know every single individual that will be present, but a good majority will help you decide on the types of food to bring. For example, if you know most people there enjoy Italian foods, it may smart to make an Italian dish. Or if you know that most people enjoy spicy foods, then you would want to create a dish that contains some spice. 

What makes and or breaks a dish also is the types of food you select. For example, when making a meat dish, it will make all the difference on the type of quality of the meat you select. For example, croissant wrapped sausages have always been one the more popular appetizers because it is tasty and neutral. Not spicy, not overpowering, but yet packed with flavor. This is something that everyone can enjoy, not necessarily just restricted to one type of crowd. But keep in mind, it is the quality of the meat, the sausage of your choice that wows the crowd. People love meat. According to NHDSC, at, the United States spent a total of 2.4 billion on hot dogs alone. You can do some research on the best sausage companies there are around you to possibly do some test tasting. You can search the web by searching meat supplier new york ny to give you the best results.

Lastly, you want to make sure that you create a dish that is going to be original. You can get ideas from other cooking sources, but you want to make it a little bit of yourself. You want to add your own special twist that will make your dish the best at the party.


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