How Amateurs Are Sometimes Better Than Professionals

There is something peculiar about the successful people- their habits and their eye at the aim. In other words we can explain it as the setting of professional goals and always keeping them in their vision. This peculiar habit is not very much evident in every professional that we meet.

If you want to confirm it you can take a conversational test with some amateurs as well as professionals. You will find that most of the people work either only to avoid their current financial trouble or just to get some job. Mostly people do not know where they want to head ahead with their career. Therefore, they do not try to acquire the special skill sets that are needed to attain remarkable proficiency in their field.

With this study you will meet many examples that will propagate you to think that sometimes the amateurs are better than the professionals. In fact while performing job it is not always that the experience that makes you excellent there are some professional attributes that make you stand out among others whether you are an amateur or an experienced professional.

Let us discuss some of these attributes:

  • Professional goals:

As we have already discussed, that ones who define their professional goals are always more focussed about the larger picture of the situation while those who work with short term aims often miss out here. It does not matter that whether you are an amateur too. For example- during a project the amateur looks at the back end work and tries to ensure that the project finishes well as it will help him in gaining experience and knowledge of the work at hand and he can use this experience for further improvement in his career. While at the same time there is professional who works only to take the credit to make sure that the company sees him working and gives credit.

Which one is better here! We can easily decide.

  • Readiness to learn:

A person should always be ready to learn new concepts and knowledge that they generate through various experiences. We find the attribute more common in the behavioural traits of amateurs that they are willing to learn and to listen to other people. They are willing to take up the jobs and follow the guidelines too. They even make notes of their experiences so that they can use them later to attain their professional goals. At the same time professionals shift their focus from learning to establishing their expertise.

  • Available to work:

With the professionals you always find them busy with various assignments. While if you want a work to be done with great detail you should find an amateur. He or she will find time to bring out the best result in the work given to him or her. They try to generate new ideas to make their work stand out. They put in their best efforts and energies to finish the assigned task keeping their professional goals in mind.

These are some of the professional traits that make the amateurs sometimes better than the professionals.

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