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Are Your Veins Healthy?

Our veins are known to pump blood to our hearts and are part of the vascular system as a whole, but it is so much more complex than that. Due to such an intricate and complex blood-pumping system, it is extremely important to get an occasional check-up on the ultimate functionality of the system, and to be able to distinguish between healthy veins or veins that do not appear to be in optimal health. An important and initial aspect to keep in mind when determining the health of your veins is that, even if you have a healthy heart and lungs, you can still have problems with the overall functionality and health of your veins. Our veins are visible to us in some parts of our bodies, especially on our arms, inner-wrists, and feet. Sometimes, the more visible the vein is, the healthier your body is, such as if you work-out, the veins can become more visible over the muscles. However, the visibility of vasculatures or specific veins can also be a sign that your veins may be at health risk.


A couple signs your visible veins be at health risk is if they are characterized with swelling, skin color changes, or pooling of blood. These occurrences, in turn, can lead to pain and other discomfort such as burning, itching, and restlessness. These problems aren’t only uncomfortable internally, but simply by the external and physical appearance that the veins can cause on different parts of your body, particularly in your legs– it is often embarrassing for many people. Two relatively common occurrences that can happen with veins are known as varicose and spider veins. Varicose veins are bulging and gnarled veins that are known to cause pain and most commonly occur in your legs and feet. Spider veins however, are considered to be a milder and less-developed form of varicose veins, but are nevertheless, a definite sign that your veins may be of some health concern.


Although these problems can pose uncomfortable and even painful sensations and experiences, and even lead to more serious health concerns, there are effective solutions and products that can help. One product that is revolutionizing vein support, is known as the BTG MicroCross, designed by BTG Crossing Devices. The product provides the support needed to make tough blockage or closing crossings easier in peripheral and coronary vasculatures. This “advanced technology provides maximum guidewire support to stay true lumen with fast occlusion crossings and opens revascularization possibilities.” Some of the features that the device provides include, low-profile and tapered tip tracks, variable pitch braiding, and lubricous state-of-the-art Serene coating and a Teflon-lined inner core. The device puts you ahead in advanced vasculature care and modern technology. For much more information on this device, and other revolutionizing care devices provided by BTG Crossing Devices, visit their website at The website provides you with a downloadable brochure and IFU’S that will go into detail about the product as a whole, and additional information that any prospective customer should know about the product, including what it looks like.

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