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Helping Others Beat Addiction

Many people who are suffering from addiction are hopeless because they can’t get the help they need. It is, therefore, crucial for you to realize that they don’t need professional help and that your support is more than enough. More often than not just being around them will go a long way in showing them that you genuinely care. You can also teach them how to go about it since you can’t be there for them all the time.

Feel free to click here to learn more about the seven tools to beat addiction. Without further ado, here are a few ways you can help an addict beat their addiction effortlessly:

Could you encourage them to Go Out and Socialize?

Individuals who suffer from any form of addiction tend to isolate themselves for several reasons. One of these reasons includes shame or the fact that they are trying to hide their addiction from their friends as well as loved ones. The problem with a person with addiction isolating themselves is that they’ll always be tempted to go back to whatever thing they are addicted.

Isolation can also make a gateway to depression which has devastating results. You can start by inviting them over and also have some friends around them. With all the jokes and fun, it’ll lighten their lives up and eventually make them happy, kicking both the depression, shame and urges to the side.

Introduce them to Good Motivational Books

Books, especially the right motivational books, can change your life for the very best. Therefore, you can suggest – or even better buy them a few motivation books. Reading will not only make them realize their worth but also give them the motivation to continue to work hard towards making themselves better.

Reading also has a way of replacing cravings since the recovering addict would become addicted to learning more about bettering their lives. That way, they won’t have time to think about sliding back to their old habits which are in itself a huge win.

Help Them Identify Their Danger Spots

Encourage an addict to keep a comprehensive journal that will help them identify the danger zones. The danger zone is the places that encourage one to slide back to the old, addictive habits that they are trying so hard to kick. You can give an addict a book and ask them to write down these places. Then you can help them find suitable alternatives.

For instance, if going to the club triggers them to slide back to drinking, then you can suggest that they switch to going to the gym instead. With time, they’ll start enjoying their workout, and that alone will bring much incredible change.

As mentioned earlier, overcoming addiction can be a long and trying journey for the addict. Therefore, teaching them how to overcome addiction might not be enough. It is essential for you to stand by them at all times. Showing love and understanding will also help them learn to love themselves. Drug addiction, or any other form of addiction for that matter, is likely to lead a person into having low self-esteem.

Therefore, embracing them and telling them that they are good enough will go a very long way in helping the situation. Also, remember that helping others takes a lot of training and understanding. That said, you should also give yourself time to learn how to go about this, and everything will work out fine when all is said and done.

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