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Types of Addiction Rehab Programs

Addiction towards drugs finally results in destruction of entire life of an individual. It is better to take steps at the earliest prior the situation turns in something worst. To prevent ill effects, numerous addiction rehab programs have been introduced for easy recovery. There are certain treatment modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy have proved to be among well known traditional choices.

List of Addiction Rehab Programs

Yoga and other physical treatments are considered to be among best alternatives. Below is a comprehensive list of addiction rehab programs that are provided by

  • Aftercare – Aftercare plan is developed in a collaborative manner by medical staff and patient to enhance his chances of success after treatment. It is purely individualized to requirements of needs of patient. Aftercare is purely inclusive of outpatient treatment, private therapy, sober loving and many more. It needs to be reassessed in a periodic manner and adjusted as per desire.
  • Animal assisted therapy – Animal assisted therapy is a special type of therapy that has been well known to involve exposure to as well as care of animals within an addiction program for treatment. As per recent studies conducted, it has been inferred that animals play a vital role in enhancing overall mental health. A pet will definitely help a lot in enhancing the overall recovery rate through empathy thus strengthening the overall sense of empowerment.  It will also contribute a lot in overall reduction of isolation and depression thus helping people to achieve long term sobriety.
  • Cognitive behavior therapy – The cognitive behavior therapy is a particular type of addiction therapy that has been well known to reflect highly effective treatment for managing addiction at the best. It takes place by having a thorough understanding of the way thoughts influence emotions along with behavior. It works well by changing the underlying thoughts thus contributing to overall maintenance of addiction.
  • Complementary and alternative medicine – With the fast pace development in the field of medical science, numerous facilities are evolving to provide the best treatment to drug addicted people. Some of the well known methodologies involve yoga, massage, nutrition, exercise and bio-feedback. As per, they will definitely be helpful in reduction of cravings along with managing stress hence providing additional benefits to facilitate easy recovery process.
  • Contingency management – Do you know what makes contingency management highly popular? Its effectiveness in terms of incorporating rewards and incentives to maintain positive behaviors! At the same time, it withholds rewards to provide consequences towards highly undesirable behaviors.
  • Detoxification – A well structured detoxification period has been well known to entail duration of time where patients go through the withdrawal process. During that time, they are monitored and treated with best medication to manage symptoms of withdrawal. It can be done easily on the basis of inpatient and outpatient. It is very much important to note that the entire process of detoxification must be followed up with additional treatments for better results.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy- The dialectical behavior therapy is a special type of treatment that promotes acceptance of difficult thoughts along with behaviors and emotions. It mainly focuses mainly on validation and finds a balance between accepting and change to reduce ill effects of drug addiction.

These are some of the well known treatment therapies that will help you to recover easily from drug addiction.

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