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What You Should Know About Enzyme Supplements

If you’re looking for a way to improve your health and resolve digestive issues, you may want to consider taking enzyme supplements. These supplements have the ability to improve the way your body processes food which can eliminate gas and bloating. These supplements are also used to treat a number of additional health conditions and can also offer pain relief. Enzymes are protein molecules that are necessary for many of the body’s natural processes, so they are necessary for you to have the energy and stamina you need to get through the day, handle stress and think clearly. Here are a few of the enzymes you should be looking for in the supplement you choose. 


This enzyme is essential for digestion when you eat foods that are high in fat. Lipase can come from the internal organs of cows or pigs, or from plant sources and fungi. If you purchase a lipase enzyme supplement, you may find that other enzymes are in the product, including lactase, amylase and protease.

Lipase as the ability to get rid of bloating and gas that sometimes occurs after a meal. A number of health conditions including cystic fibrosis, celiac disease and Crohn’s disease have also been linked to lipase deficiency, which is why taking the enzyme in supplement form could prove beneficial. 

It’s best to take lipase about half an hour before you eat. Be sure to let your doctor know that you’re taking the enzyme, especially if you are currently on other medications. 


This enzyme comes from papaya and can aid your body in protein digestion. Although there has been little research concerning this, some people report that conditions like food allergies, recovery from injuries and arthritis and autoimmune disease. If you are allergic to kiwi, figs or papaya, don’t take papain. 


While most enzymes are created in the pancreas, lactase is produced in the small intestine. Your body needs lactase to process lactose, which is the sugar in milk products. If you don’t naturally produce a lot of lactase, you are considered lactose intolerant. There are some dairy products that are low in lactose, which helps people with lactose intolerance to digest them more efficiently. It’s best to add the enzyme directly to dairy before consuming. 


This enzyme is actually a variety of enzymes that comes from the stem and fruit of pineapple. It helps with protein digestion and can also reduce swelling that comes from infection or an injury. Bromelain is also a natural remedy for arthritis pain, although more research is being done to determine how effective this enzyme is for arthritis treatment. 

For best results, bromelain should be taken a few times a day when used for digestion. The dosages vary depending on individual health needs. This enzyme is not recommended for children or women who are pregnant. Since bromelain effects how prescription drugs are processed in the body, it’s best to inform your doctor if you want to take the supplement to determine whether it is safe.

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